Dear Mayflower Family,

We have had an extraordinary year. All that we have been through has changed us, and in many ways unified us more than ever. We are now back in person worshipping God together, studying the Bible, singing in choirs, and enjoying the myriad programming our wonderful church offers.

We thank God for this and recognize that that all we have comes from God. When we recognize God’s provision and goodness to us, how can we not want to share this with others? 

We have been blessed and it is our opportunity to be a blessing.

October and November are the traditional stewardship months at Mayflower. During this time, we receive a commitment from our members for funding our next ministry year. These annual giving commitments are a tangible way for us to joyfully continue supporting the programming and ministry of Mayflower Church. 

We are invited to ask ourselves:
“How can I be a blessing this year?”

We believe that the best is yet to come at our church, but we need to be unified in our commitment to financial generosity. 
This year, we are calling for an extraordinarily generous, faithful response to our many blessings. Our desire is to embrace a growth mindset and to return the church budget to its pre-COVID level of $1.1M.  


We ask that you prayerfully review the commitment card and return it to the church before Thanksgiving.

We understand that you may have questions, comments or concerns. Please know that we are available to address these and look forward to the opportunity to come alongside you in this stewardship journey. We know that our church cannot flourish without it’s people or this commitment. 


With gratitude and in Christ,

Barbara Hohman, Chairperson
Susan Jones, Moderator
Your Stewardship Committee – Linda Chaffee, Rachel Haddad, Worth Hages, Steve Orban, and Greg Scott