Mayflower Members and Friends,

As Thanksgiving approaches and Advent draws near, we look for the blessings of family, friends, and most importantly, God’s presence. We also feel the weight of how different this season may be for so many this year, fraught with separation, conflict, and illness.

Mayflower Church Council and staff want me to tell you how appreciative we all are for your continued financial support. Please know that without your yearly pledge commitment fulfilled — either weekly, monthly, or as you are able — Mayflower will not be able to balance this year’s budget.

We know some of you are experiencing added stress and strain from unemployment or reduced income due to the COVID crisis. If this is the case, we ask that you take a sabbatical from giving this year.

We pray those who are able will “Hold Serve” and continue to give their 2020 tithe in support of Mayflower in 2021. Please continue to help Mayflower get through 2020 by keeping your promise to the Church and fulfilling your pledge commitments for the year.

After much consideration and discernment, our staff, with Mayflower Council’s approval, has prepared a responsive 2021 budget plan to efficiently reassess Mayflower’s operating expenses while preserving our financial stewardship during this uncertain time. Our current expenses run a little under $19,000 per week or about $985,000 for a full year. This includes our current staff, building, and church programs with reductions made by Council including an outreach reduction from 15% to 3.5%.

  • Personnel and Administration – $710,000 – which includes 1/2 year of a new minister.
  • House and Grounds – $170,000
  • Music and Worship – $40,000
  • Christian Education, Membership, Communications and Youth – $32,000
  • Outreach – $34,000 -which is reduced to 3.5% from it’s normal level of 15%
Looking ahead to 2021, Council has set a budget at this current rate by assessing a budget reduction of about 23% over pre-pandemic actual expenditures. The largest line item reduction was to Outreach — 15% of our income reduced to 3% — a decision made with great consideration, yet one with regret when our community needs us the most. Long-term, Council wants to make sure Mayflower survives to continue to serve others in need. It is only with your support that we can return this loss and increase this percentage allowing our Church the ability to reach out and help others now and in the future.

For all who can: “Hold Serve” and pledge the same amount you commited this past year. When your pledge card comes in the mail, please don’t put it aside, please fill it out – mail it in – be as generous as you can. For those of you facing unemployment or financial hardship, we ask that you take a sabbatical this year and let other members carry the financial burden. 

Like many at risk throughout this crisis, Mayflower Church is too. It’s only with your support that we can maintain our staff presence, keep up with building maintenance, tend to our music and youth programs, and provide outreach opportunities and funds when available, offering our community respite and hope during this pandemic. I also want to state, for the record, that if we can exceed Council’s 2021 financial plan, I will push to fully fund Outreach as soon as possible and return it to a respectable 15%.

In addition, please continue to help Mayflower endure the remaining days of 2020 by keeping your personal financial promise to the Church and fulfill your pledge commitment for the year.

I am asking all of us to prayerfully consider helping Mayflower “Hold Serve” with your commitment for 2021.


Thank You and God Bless,

Ken Goodson
Past Moderator, 2021 Stewardship Chair