Social Groups

At Mayflower, we often enjoy getting together for outings, tours, meals or other special events. 
Through UP groups, we find camaraderie in different seasons of life and grow in relationship with one another.


Mayflower Families

(Formerly known as the 29UP group)

Mayflower’s Family Group meets throughout the year to participate in fun activities, outings and gatherings like bowling, seasonal parties and skating, that engage parents and their children and youth of all ages. This group also works closely with the Outreach Committee in finding meaningful ways to give to others through talents, time and treasures inspiring the next generation to live in a way that makes the world a better place.



 (Formally known as the 49UP group)

The Commodores is a social group designed for singles and couples who are members and/or friends of Mayflower Church. 

Attendees are in the 50ish to 70ish age group, often empty nesters, who love to have fun! This group meets regularly for food, drink, and camaraderie. Whether we meet for Brunch, Happy Hour, or dinner, we always have a good time together!



Seasoned Veterans of the Bounding Main

(Formally known as the 69UP group)

All Mayflower members and friends in the 70ish and up range are welcome at these often large social gatherings. Hosts open their homes, condo Club Houses, or cottages, often on a Thursday evening from 5-6:30.

The varying group of attendees are asked to bring an appetizer or a bottle of wine to share. It’s a wonderful opportunity to mingle with others and make new friends in an informal and comfortable setting.