The women of Mayflower’s Priscilla Circle volunteer and raise funds for many worthy causes associated with the church and our community. 

If you would like to join them in their fellowship and fun, please contact Shari Graham. 

• Decorate the Church at Christmas •

• Fundraising to Support Church Projects •

• Host Funeral Receptions •

• Support Partners in Housing Program •

• Support Eden Children’s Village in Zimbabwe 

Priscilla Circle was formed when the church was founded in 1958.  Over the years this group of women has participated in many projects to support the church, such as the cleaning of chandeliers in the sanctuary, hosting funeral receptions, and decorating the church at Christmas. It raised money to provide furnishings for the church, such as all new appliances for the downstairs parlor kitchens.

Current outreach projects include providing supplies for Partners In Housing and supporting the children of Eden Village in Zimbabwe.  The group is presently raising money by selling baked goods and “The Treasures of Mayflower” note cards” to support proposed renovations consistent with “Vision 2022”.

Membership is open to all the women of the church.  Additional members are always welcome to continue to help maintain and promote the well being of Mayflower.