Mayflower sets aside a significant percentage of our annual budget for Outreach. 

As we live into Jesus’ Great Commandment, these funds impact our community, our country, and our world. 

In 2022, Mayflower donated funds to purchase a car for Tuungane, an employee of Energy for Mission and a peacemaker in the Congo.

This car took months to acquire and is now on the ground being used to create peace amongst villages and leaders throughout the Congo. The leaders of EFM created a video to share with us. Expressing their gratitude and praise for this amazing gift.

“So thankful to Mayflower church for your generosity and heart for the people of the DRC! Thank you again for your wonderful support. The acquisition of the car is a real “game changer” for Tuungane. 

Merry Christmas!
Paul Sassenrath

If you are interested–just go to and look for Grand Rapids locations. The kettles are out–so any time between now and Christmas. If The Salvation Army doesn’t get enough volunteers they have to pay people, which dips into the funds raised.


It’s the time of year when red kettles for the Salvation Army pop up all around town. These kettles help to fund much needed programs that provide service to the vulnerable in our community. This year the Salvation Army is in need of more ringers. It is a wonderful way for people to get involved and be a part of the holiday spirit.

It is fun, a lovely way to give back and there are many locations which are indoors!!

LOCATION: 1215 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

2022-2023 SCHOOL-YEAR

Math & Reading Mentors Wanted!

Seeking Mayflower volunteers to go Back to School too! 

We are thrilled to be able to mentor children and support

teachers at Mulick Park Elementary this school year.

If you would be interested in volunteering this year, 
please contact Allison Houlihan or Rachael Cooley
Our friends at Potter’s House were touched by the amount of back-to-school supplies that were donated by our congregation. The cooridnator had no idea what to expect and drove back to school choking back tears. Their teachers are thrilled! 
“We have so many students who come to school with no supplies at all so this is an amazing, priceless gift! Thank you for blessing The Potter’s House!”
Most Sincerely,
Dawne Garvey, Program Coordinator

From our friends at KFB:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for inviting me to be a part of Art Camp! It was great meeting some of your students and volunteers!

You guys collected 121 pounds of sack supper materials this week! That is incredible! We are so grateful for the partnership that Mayflower continues to hold with us. We can’t do this work without your support and help! I’d love to connect again sometime in the future to explore other ways that Mayflower can continue to stay involved.”

Come and join us to beautify the grounds at our Outreach Partner, New City Kids!!! 

For the past three years Mayflower has blessed New City Kids with the gift of planting flowers, spreading mulch and trimming bushes. 

For one hour of your time, the grounds of New City Kids are beautiful all summer long.

Friday, May 10th – 10:00am
936 Alpine Ave NW , Grand Rapids, MI

Please reach out to Rachael Cooley at with any questions.

Dégagé Ministries is looking for groups of volunteers to help prepare transitional housing for families experiencing homelessness. 

Dégagé recently acquired four buildings with seven total units on Coit Avenue to be used as transitional housing for people experiencing homelessness. They are recruiting volunteer groups to help get the units ready for people to move in. Projects include general cleaning, home repairs, and painting rooms, with possible additional projects for anyone with expertise in construction, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC repair. They are looking to host volunteer groups during evening hours or Saturdays over the next two to three weeks. Please contact if you have a group that’s interested.

Bethany Christian Services is looking for gently used furniture and household items to furnish apartments for youth aging out of foster care.

Please contact Brian at or (989) 506-1352 to donate.

  • 42in TV stand
  • Pair of nightstands
  • Dining table/4 chairs
  • Coffee table
  • 60in TV stand
  • Queen bedframe with box spring
  • Large dresser
  • Rectangle dining room table and chairs

Mayflower collected 120 pairs of mittens and hats for In The Image at Christmas on the Mitten Tree! That is the most that we’ve ever donated, and they’re so excited and thankful to receive them. 

A.Y.A. Youth Collective creates safe spaces for youth in crisis to belong, be themselves and build a future. 

We create circles of support for 14- to 24-year-olds facing homelessness or instability—from drop-in opportunities to rest, recharge and meet everyday needs in a caring community to safe, affordable housing with peers and mentors who partner in their transition to stability. 

We are here to help young people connect to the resources, relationships, and housing they need at any point on their journey.

Donations given through the month of December
WILL BE MATCHED up to $125,000!


We believe in outcomes over outputs and in making sure that what we are doing is benefiting young people. This is one reason we prioritize data and track the things that matter. We also prioritize youths safety and confidentiality in all of our data tracking as well. While we are still growing in our ability to track long-term measurements we have already seen how greatly our work has impacted youth.
  • 50+ YOUTH HOUSED Since 2012, we have housed over 40 youth. Currently we can house 22 youth, and 4 kiddos at a time in our transitional housing resource.
  • STABLE HOUSING 90% of youth in our transitional housing resource find safe and stable housing of their own or reunite with family.
  • SAVED OVER $10,000 Collectively, our youth have saved over $10,000 for future housing through their rental savings accounts.
  • YOUTH ENGAGEMENT 100% of youth in our transitional housing resource are engaged in community meals, learning valuable life skills and conflict resolution.
  • GOAL SETTING 100% of youth in our transitional housing resource are engaged in goal setting, tracking their progress as they move towards healthy interdependence.
  • EDUCATION & EMPLOYMENT 90% of youth have obtained full-time employment, entered and completed trade school, and/or pursued higher education.
  • UNIQUE MEMBERS Over 1,400 youth have become members at our Drop-In Center.
  • VITAL DOCUMENT RECOVERIES In 2019, we supported 192 vital document recoveries which are essential to securing housing and employment.
    Vital Document Recovery – 15%
    Housing Access- 12%
    Employment Support- 27%
    Education Support – 20%
    Counseling – 4%
    Case Management – 6%
    General Support – 10%
    Other – 6%

Are you ready for 2021 holiday season?

Here at Bethany, we’ve been steadily serving over 400 youth in Refugee and Domestic Foster Care. Since October 2019, our refugee resettlement program received 50+ new cases accounting for 66 total individuals. In addition to that program, we are prepared to resettle 230 Afghan individuals between Grand Rapids, Holland and Muskegon before the end of 2021.  

Our first official Afghan clients arrived Thursday, Sept. 30. While we don’t have a full understanding of the demographics of this population, early indicators suggest they will be families with children, pregnant women, and younger individuals. 

Please be patient with Wish Lists coming late this year as we don’t fully understand their needs until they arrive. 

Are able to Sponsor A Family this year?

Household Gift Baskets continue to be a huge hit! Our hope is that we can provide a gift basket for each sponsored family, however, this is not a requirement when sponsoring.   

In addition to wrapped gifts, many donors included a basket/tote that included: laundry detergent, personal hygiene items, sanitary products etc. (All items not provided by government assistance).  

Simply click on the link and fill it out – you will be emailed your matched family within your giving criteria hopefully by November 20th.

Same as last year, gifts can be dropped off at the designated Bethany office ONLY on Fridays and Saturdays in December (except for our youth center downtown).

If you’d like to make a monetary donation – your gift would be used to purchase gifts/gift cards for a family who was not sponsored.


Shop charcuterie boards, nesting tables,
and more

We have all your decorating and food prep needs, hand-crafted with love by individuals in our workforce development program at Next Step of West Michigan. Not only will you be getting one-of-a-kind items, but you will also be helping support the incredible work and effort of our guests!


December 12 is the last day to place an order for shipping to receive your items in time for Christmas. December 15 is the last day to place your order if you are picking up your items. 

Visit their website at for more information on this ministry.


Eden Children’s Village

This October, we are excited to launch NEW Orphan Sponsorship opportunities and celebrate the relationship God has fostered between us with the amazing ministries of Eden Children’s Village.

15 years ago, the people of Mayflower committed to financially support 72 orphans in Eden Village located in Doma, Zimbabwe. Since that time, Mayflower’s Outreach has continued to faithfully care for Eden Village by purchasing a well to provide water not only for Eden, but for the families living in the village; a brick making machine that is still working 10 years later; medical facility for the free clinic and more.

Visit their website at for more information on this ministry.


Math & Reading Mentors Wanted!

Mayflower volunteers are going Back to School too! 
We are thrilled to be able to mentor children and support
at Mulick Park Elementary this school year. 

Our group of high schoolers and adults, commits to spending an hour a week with a student at Mulick Park, helping with math or reading. 
If you would be interested in volunteering this year, 
please contact Allison Houlihan (

The Kid’s Fun Run raised
$1112 for Eden Village

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India is experiencing a devastating surge of COVID-19

As many as 400,000 new cases are being reported every day. Daily death tolls have increased tenfold in the last month, and infection rates within India are the highest ever seen — nearly triple last year’s highest rates. India is reporting more than six times the daily incidence of any other country and is currently experiencing nearly half of the global daily incidence of COVID- 19.

Hospitals are overwhelmed and at capacity — especially in the capital, Delhi — with critical shortages of medicines, beds, ventilators, oxygen, and PPE. Meanwhile, officials are warning that India’s vaccine shortage may last for months. Less than 2% of the population has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Project Hope is making a difference.
Mayflower wants to help them!

Project HOPE is coordinating with local partners and government officials to locally procure PPE and critically needed medical equipment to help India’s health care workers respond to the dramatic spread of the disease.
Project Hope started in 1958—the same year Mayflower was founded.
Dr. William B. Walsh, M.D., was moved by poor health conditions he encountered in the South Pacific, while serving on a Navy destroyer during World War II. So, in 1958, Dr. Walsh worked with U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in order to charter a U.S. Navy hospital ship. The ship was transformed into the SS HOPE and it made 11 voyages to serve the world’s most vulnerable people in every region of the world, providing health
care for local communities and building health systems that could renew themselves for decades to come.

Today, Project Hope has grown into a land-based organization active in 26 countries, bringing HOPE and health to underserved communities around the world. Project HOPE is working with local partners and government officials in India to facilitate the rapid procurement and distribution of PPE, oxygen supplies, ICU equipment, ventilators, and other critical items as the country faces a devastating wave of COVID-19.

Mayflower joins Oasis of Hope

Helping to serve the uninsured and under-resourced population of Grand Rapids through their comprehensive medical clinic.

This spring, Mayflower’s generous donation helped Oasis of Hope secure a RetinaVue Imager to help monitor the retinal health of its patients, many of whom struggle with diabetes. This service will be unique in West Michigan and offered at no cost to patients.

We are proud to join Oasis of Hope as we honor the dignity of all God’s children.

Mayflower’s global outreach partner, Eden Ministries in Doma, Zimbabwe, is continuing its inspiring work serving orphans and vulnerable children. 


Recently the Zimbabwean government shut a large, local orphanage (due to the abuse and neglect of the children), and asked Eden’s to take care of the children! 

Eden’s model is many small cottages that house the orphaned children with two loving adults in a family-like setting.

The outreach committee of Mayflower decided to support the construction of a new cottage to help with the housing needs of the many children coming from the government orphanage. Our gift of $20,000 will cover almost half of the cost of an entire cottage.

We are proud to partner with Eden Ministries and their work among some of the most vulnerable people on the globe. Please look for more information to come about how we as a church can support this incredible ministry.

– – – – 2021 UPDATE – – – –

Youth mental health services: 

The mental health of youth has become even more precarious during the pandemic. Mayflower has stepped in to help two local organizations that serve vulnerable young people.

This organization serves youth 14-24 who are experiencing homelessness. Mayflower’s donation of $5,000 helps support a partnership between AYA and The Wisdom Center.

St. John’s Home is a residential program for youth who have experienced trauma or neglect. The Mayflower gift of $10,000 helps these teens have access to much needed mental health resources.

Habitat for Humanity ($5,000): Access to affordable housing is a growing concern and one that Habitat is addressing. We continue to support their efforts to build and renovate homes for families. Due to the pandemic, they have not been able to host volunteers which has had a huge impact on their budget.

A Thank You Message
from Eden!!

Eden Ministries serves orphans and vulnerable people in Doma, Zimbabwe. They have a “village” of cottages that have 10 children (orphans) living with two adults in a family setting.

Due to a recent emergency at a government orphanage in a neighboring town, Eden’s has increased its orphan care and desperately needs to build more cottages.

Our Mayflower gift of $20,000 is almost half the amount needed for the construction of an entire cottage.

Thank you for giving!!

Donations helped make a new home handicap accessible for a special family.


“We can’t thank you and all at Mayflower enough again.”

“As you know, Bethany exists to support vulnerable families in the U.S. and around the world. Arthur and his family arrived in Grand Rapids to be resettled through Bethany Christian Services’ Refugee Resettlement Program in the Winter of 2020.

Difficulty finding affordable housing in the city for a large family was compounded by the need for increased accessibility. Arthur previously suffered an incident which left him wheelchair bound, with reduced mobility in both his arms and legs. When a home of a suitable size and price was secured, it was discovered to have serious accessibility issues. Slopes on the property and steep stairways left estimates for a new accessibility ramp at nearly $6,500.

Fortunately, at the request of Bethany Christian Services, several West Michigan communities came together to address the family’s need for an accessible home. Solid Rock Ministries volunteered their knowledge and expertise, by designing a 40-foot wooden accessibility ramp and obtaining a permit from the city. Meanwhile, Bethany received permission to construct the proposed ramp from Urban Pharm, the property management company in charge of the home. 

Mayflower Congregational came together and generously donated the funds necessary to cover the cost of lumber and hardware for the build. Finally, after a month of planning, coordination, and preparation, at 7:30am on a Thursday December Morning, groups of volunteers from DISHER Engineering and Nelson’s Builders, along with a build supervisor from Solid Rock, arrived at the site to break ground. The whole thing only took half a day thanks to the expertise of the volunteer builders involved. 

After the ramp was complete and the volunteers were admiring the completed project, Arthur and two of his children came out to try out the new ramp, with smiles on their faces. Their enthusiasm was clear as Arthur’s daughter helped her father navigate the ramp down to the driveway with ease. Without the help of our partners, Solid Rock Ministries, Mayflower Congregational, Urban Pharm, Nelson’s Builders, DISHER, and the Grand Rapids Building and Safety department this project would not have been possible. It is an excellent example of a project coming together to meet Bethany’s mission of supporting vulnerable families in Grand Rapids. “



Making cold meal bags for overflow shelter and outreach
– Needed immediately –
  • Must have sealed packaging
  • Cold sandwiches can be handmade and wrapped in plastic and placed in a ziplock bag/box
  • Meals should be balanced with Proteins, Fruit, Veg, Dairy, Grains, Beverage (water, juice, milk).
Daily meals need estimated to be 50.

Mel Trotter Ministries’ NEW Mobile Shower Unit will allow those experiencing homelessness to receive a hot shower with dignity and compassion as they move to seek sustainable housing and employment opportunities.

The mobile shower unit will be placed at strategic locations throughout the city where hygiene services are most needed. Mel Trotter Ministries, along with community partners including The Other Way Ministries and The Homeless Outreach Team are building relationships in the West Michigan community to help unsheltered individuals with tangible needs such as hygiene.


Outreach in March will be “Filling the Pantry”
for Safe Haven Ministries.

Safe Haven is a ministry focused on following Christ’s example, and motivated by our community needs, to prevent and end relationship abuse.

Safe Haven operates an emergency safe shelter which is available for individuals and families fleeing domestic abuse. During their stay residents receive ongoing case management and support. 

The shelter operates a pantry for residents and at Mayflower we are committed to filling that pantry with the most needed items in the month of March.

Our website will have a link to the list posted in February.

A Note of Thanks from our friends
at IHN/Family Promise:

Dear Mayflower Congregants,

We are blown away at the incredible amount of food you were all able to put together and provide to the families at Family Promise. Thank you so much for continuing to provide support to those in need during these exceptionally worrisome times. We are so grateful to have you all as partners in this important work.

Thank you for making this opportunity a blessing to so many!

Our committee continues to be grateful for the generous support of the congregation. 

We seek to be a blessing to those around us and a force for good in the world.


It’s the time of year when red kettles for the Salvation Army pop up all around town. These kettles help to fund much needed programs that provide service to the vulnerable in our community. This year the Salvation Army is in need of more ringers. It is a wonderful way for people to get involved and be a part of the holiday spirit.

It is fun, a lovely way to give back and there are many locations which are indoors!!

If you are interested–just go to and look for Grand Rapids locations. The kettles are out–so any time between now and Christmas. If The Salvation Army doesn’t get enough volunteers they have to pay people, which dips into the funds raised.

LOCATION: 1215 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503