Mayflower Bells

Handbell ringing began at Mayflower decades ago with our middle-school youth. We own a five-octave set and a three-octave set of Whitechapel Handbells in addition to a four-octave set of Malmark Choirchimes.

Ringing bells provides a unique opportunity for people with a variety of different musical abilities to play and contribute to the life of our congregation. We invite both beginners and experienced ringers to consider joining our bell choir.

Here are some benefits to ringing bells: A bell choir practice develops good music reading skills that will transfer to any other instrumental or vocal group. Other benefits of ringing with the handbell choir are physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth. 

The skills taught include: Music literacy (Rhythm, Notes, Accidentals, Musical terminology, Dynamics, and Special handbell techniques); Teamwork (Cooperation, and Sense of responsibility and commitment); Self-confidence; Self-discipline; Physical Coordination; and Appreciation for the value of music.

Mayflower Bells rehearses from 6 to 7pm on Wednesday evenings, September through May, 
plays in worship once every 4-6pm weeks and is directed by Julia Brown.