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We welcome and invite you to become a part of our music ministries. We are always excited to have new members in our choirs, among our handbell players, and included with the instrumentalists we draw upon as we worship God together. There’s a place for you, regardless of age and ability.

Mayflower’s vibrant music program celebrates a
50-member adult Chancel Choir comprising professional and volunteer vocalists, as well as a youth choral program with six, age-specific choirs with more than 150 participants.

The sounds of harmonic voice, the Tellers-Lauck pipe organ, Whitechapel handbells, and the carillon in the bell tower all come together enabling us to touch the deepest mysteries of God as we unite in worship and concert.

Mayflower’s catalog of music spans the centuries from medieval chant and Renaissance polyphony to the music of today’s composers. Organist, choirs, and soloists provide musical leadership during worship on Sunday mornings.

The church houses a beautiful pipe organ, built by Tellers and Lauck, considered a treasured instrument in our community. Our Atrium, with excellent acoustics and inviting architecture, also provides alternate space for concerts.

By joining a vocal or handbell choir you will enjoy greater connectedness by being a part of a collective endeavor, you will improve and develop your musical gifts, you will add creative artistry and beauty to our worship services.

Above all, you will be participating in real ministry to our congregation, as the beauty we create together deepens and broadens our spiritual lives.

For more information, contact one of our music staff.

Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus

“God of Beauty,
We give thanks for the gift of music as it moves and shapes us.
We thank you for the ways in which the poetry expresses our faith,
The melody our longing, the harmony our hope.
May our lives and our ministries nurture the gift of music.”