Starting at age 4 we invite children to join our wonderful Christian Education program

Children are introduced to the basics in a life of faith
while sharing in a creative and encouraging environment.

SUMMER Curriculum

We are so excited to spend the summer teaching and playing with your children during the Sunday School Hour. Our theme for Children’s Messages and Sunday School for ages 4-12 will be centered around seeing God’s provision for those in the Bible who trusted in Him and how we can live our lives trusting God too. 

Summer is a special time during the Sunday School hour as we combine our preschoolers with our grade school students. This allows children to learn and grow together and to easily invite friends or family, who may be visiting while on vacation, to join the fun.

Packed with adventure with stories from the Old Testament — start to finish — the kids will learn about Israel’s heroes ‑- men, women and even kids! We’ll kick off with Joshua, a mighty man of God, having received the reins of leadership from Moses. Then, with plenty of stories in between, we’ll wrap up our summer with the rule of a young boy king, Josiah. With his devotion to God, the kids will learn how he turns his lost country on its ear. 

We can’t wait to see you!



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