Starting at age 4 we invite children to join our wonderful Christian Education program

Children are introduced to the basics in a life of faith
while sharing in a creative and encouraging environment.

FALL Curriculum

The Christian Education Team is looking forward to a year of fun while teaching the children of Mayflower to grow seamlessly with God year to year:
Bible Beginnings – 4 and 5-year-olds. This class meets each Sunday during service in Youth Room B. Children learn uncomplicated stories from the Bible followed up by plenty of discussion and question time.  The children also create correlating Bible crafts and are introduced to the memorization of the Lords Prayer.
Bible Alive – 1st-4th graders. This class meets in Youth Room A each Sunday during service. In this class, kids learn lessons that closely define the timeline of the Bible and that create memorable meanings. The lesson is followed up by a special craft and or game that reinforces the teachings. 
Bridge – 5th grade. This class meets in the library twice a month and sits together in worship the other two Sundays. This class serves as a transition between Sunday school and remaining in worship.  Kids learn how to use their Bibles and have Bible verses to memorize.  


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