Mayflower Church offers several opportunities for Bible study
and spiritual growth





Monday Men’s
Bible Study

This year-round group is currently studying Acts.
Led by Bill Robson Mondays in the library.

Monday Women’s
 Bible Study

This intergenerational group exploring a variety of topics, themes, and guest presentations.

Monday Evening 
Men’s Bible Study

Topic: Distorted Images of God

We are discovering images of God that may have developed from parents, family, personal experiences, faulty teaching and/or misunderstanding of the Scripture itself.

Study guides are available for $9.00 each.

All men are welcome. There are currently 14 participants in the group with an average attendance of 10-12. The group meets January through May and September through November.

Led by Rev. Eric Britcher in the Mayflower Library

Please contact Eric if you have any questions – 616-498-6002  |

Monday 5:00pm
Women’s Bible Study

Please join us for “Winter Semester” — Snow Birds welcome!  

Meetings begin on January 24th at the church, and we will be offering both a Zoom and in-person option.

Book: The Epic of Eden – Isaiah by Sandra Richter.

Led by Dr. Alexiana Fry in the Chapel.

Videos will begin in-person at 4:30pm, with a discussion starting at 5pm. (There will be full access to watch each week’s video at your leisure if you cannot make 4:30 in-person.)

All are welcome at the table.
September – May

If you have any questions, or to get on the email list, please contact Susan Jones at


Tuesday Morning
Retired Men’s Bible

Please join this open study currently studying the Book of Romans, led by Harold Montgomery.

September – May


Bible Study

Resuming Wednesday,
January 12 at 5:45pm

Topic: The Last Things in the Life of Abraham, Genesis

Discovering the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph is genuinely exciting – so much to learn and consider applying to our own lives.  Individuals and couples of all ages are invited to participate.  The leader provides an outline to follow and use for notes if desired.  

Childcare and youth programs are available so parents can attend.

Led by Rev. Eric Britcher in the Mayflower Library
— Open to all —
(Light supper is available at 5:00pm) 


Thursday Morning
Women’s Bible Study

One of the longest running groups at Mayflower.

  New members are always welcome!

Led by Shari Graham
in the Youth Room


Friday Morning
Men’s Bible Study

The group will be exploring Grace – How we give it and how we receive it. Always welcoming newcomers to join in fellowship!
Led by Harry Matthews in the Library.