New City Kids

Wish List

Please call for more information: 616.773.8589

After School
Center Needs


  • Snacks: We provide daily snacks for 60 kids and teens Monday-Friday. Snacks like apples, granola bars, cookies, individually wrapped bags of chips or crackers are appreciated.
  • Small toys: We welcome Transformers, dolls, toys, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, and art supplies. They can be gender specific.

  • Instruments: Bass and acoustic guitars, electronic or acoustic drums, keyboards with stands.   

  • Classroom supplies: We use pre-sharpened pencils, filler paper, printer paper, index cards, 3×3 post-it notes, manilla folders, dry erase markers and eraser sets, large whiteboards to hang on walls.

  • Art Supplies:Paint, brushes, canvases, and scissors would help stock our supply cabinet.

  • Vacuums: We are in dire need of heavy duty vacuums that can withstand daily use by teenagers. 



  • Chairs: New City Kids is in need of 150 lightweight, stackable chairs. 
  • A good quality van:  If you are thinking of getting rid of your minivan or van, consider donating it! We regularly transport teens and instruments all over the state and need reliable transportation.

  • Enclosed Trailer: If you have a small enclosed trailer you would like to donate, it would be greatly appreciated. We will use it to transport musical equipment for church visits and other off site events.  

  • Sound Board & Wireless Microphones: This will help to transform our worship experience!

  • Drum Shield: Drum shields prevent the drums from taking over! We’re looking for one with a ceiling.

  • Lockers: We are looking for a set of 50 lockers for our teen staff to safely store their backpacks. 



  • Sponsor a Teen Life Intern! We hired 50 teen interns this year. Your gift of $5,500 will go directly to teens in the form of a hard-earned paycheck.

  • Purchase a New Instrument: A gift of $500 will purchase a new instrument for children to develop their talent! We give away over $6,000 in instruments to deserving kids each year. 

  • Sponsor a Child for a year: $2,500 welcomes a child to the After School Center & Summer Camp!

  • Friendraisers: Host friends for a dessert at your home where we can share the vision of New City!

School Year
Volunteer Opportunities


  • Meal Ministry: Monday through Thursday every week of the school year, we feed dinner to a growing number of teens and children.  Could your church or community group take one night/week for a month or two to help us keep them fed and ready to learn?  Click here to sign up or visit
  • Work Day: Schedule a work day anytime through the fall with a small group. We have a long list of projects that we would love help with as we transform our space into a welcoming place for kids.

  • Tutor elementary children: 4-6pm any Monday-Thursday. 

  • Tutor teens: Tuesday nights from 6-8pm.

  • Building Improvements: Now that we have a home, we will make improvements to ensure we can be a blessing for decades. If there are professionals in your congregation who could donate their time or simply offer reduced costs, we would love to connect. Projects include: Waterproofing the Basement, parking lot resurfacing, exterior & interior painting, gutter & roofing updates to the church and ministry house, bathroom and kitchen renovations.