Senior Pastor Search UPDATE

The Mayflower Senior Pastor Search Committee
ready to find a new pastor for our church. 

Meet this group of dedicated people who will give
their time and talent to search diligently, prayerfully,
and expeditiously for our next faith leader.

Amy Conway

I joined Mayflower 28 years ago, shortly after my husband Greg and I were married in our church’s beautiful sanctuary. His family were founding members of the church, and we consider Mayflower our church for life.  

Our two children Terri (27) and Jack (23) grew up helping in the nursery with me, singing in choir and attending youth group. 

Through the years I’ve developed great friendships at Mayflower. I’ve enjoyed being involved in many parts of the church, such as running the nursery, going on several high school mission trips, and serving on Council and committees. I teach Sunday School and I’m starting my 12th year with the high school Breakfast Club. 

I’m grateful to be on the Search Committee to help find a new Pastor for our church, and I hope you contact me if you wish to provide input.


Rachel Blair Haddad

I have been a member at MCC for about five years. I am married to San, and we have two boys, Blair (age 8) and Wes (age 5). Since joining the church, I have had the privilege of serving on the Community Engagement Committee and the Church Council, and have been connected with the “UP” groups and other social activities.

Our two boys love Midweek, where they sing in choir and enjoy buddies, dinner, and the chance to learn more about God. 

I love being part of a church that weaves together people from various ages, church backgrounds, and faith journeys and ties us together through hope and community.

I am very pleased to be part of the Pastoral Search Committee this year. I am certain we will find a Pastor to lead our church and its membership to new faith and purpose. 


Phil Idema

I am a retired attorney and a charter member of Mayflower. I’m honored to be serving on this Pastoral Search Committee, and am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the vitally important work of finding a new minister for our church. 

Over the years, I have served on Council and on many committees, including the Executive Committee, the Endowment Committee and as chair of the Personnel Committee. I’m currently on the Worship and Music Committee. I’ve also  participated in Habitat for Humanity activities and have enjoyed singing in the choir for the past 30 years.  I have served under 3 ministers at MCC in the last 45 years!

My wife, Murry, and I have 2 children; (one family living in Cody, WY and the other in Allendale) and 3 grandchildren. Our wedding in 1963 was the first evening wedding at the church, just after the chandeliers were installed. 

This Search Committee’s composition reflects a good cross-section of our church’s membership and we are confident that with God’s continued direction we will find the right individual to lead Mayflower forward.


Jessica Ruppert

Mayflower has been part of my spiritual life for as long as I can remember.  My parents joined Mayflower when I was in  kindergarten, and I still have my first Bible that I received on the steps of the sanctuary in second grade.   Fast forward many years, and many moves, and my husband Pete and I landed back in West Michigan!  We joined Mayflower in 1997, and have loved raising our family here.  

All four of our children, Jack (24), Grace (21), Pierce (21) and Ben (14) have been involved in the life of the church including youth group, choir and mission trips! 

Over the years my involvement at the church has included Monday morning Bible Study, the Hospitality
Committee and the Personnel Committee. I taught Sunday School when my children were young, and I had the wonderful chance to join the youth for the mission trip to Nashville.

Lastly, I was on the Search  Committee 15 years ago that called Mark and Lynn Barger Elliott to Mayflower, and I was thrilled to be asked to be part of the current search.  I am confident we will find the right leader for the next 15 plus years at Mayflower and I am excited to be part of the Search Committee!


Andy Schutt

I’m honored to serve the congregation in this incredibly important mission to help identify our next pastor. My wife, Kateri, and I have been members of Mayflower for 15 years and enjoy the sense of community and Godly foundation it provides to us and our 3 girls: Anna Jane (10), Claire (7) and Gretchen (5).

Since joining Mayflower, I’ve had the  opportunity to serve on various committees, help out with the high school youth group, serve on Church Council and also had the distinct privilege of being Moderator. Our family enjoys weekly Bible studies, the music and teachings at Mid-week, and the well-organized Outreach opportunities throughout the year.

I am looking forward to the journey of finding a pastor that is well aligned with all the tremendous attributes of our Church, and helps us continue to thrive in our next chapter. 


Steve Waltman

My Mayflower experience began in the early 80’s soon after Kim and I were married in 1980. We had each come from different churches in GR and wanted to find a new church to call our own. We were living in EGR and several of our friends were attending Mayflower and so we joined in about 1982. I joined an usher team under Tom Everett and chaired the fundraising campaign a couple of years later. I was on the Church Council for several years and served as the head of our House and Grounds Committee. I enjoyed singing in the choir for many years and was even a Pilgrim usher during our Thanksgiving celebrations. Kim and I were active in many Bible studies and couples’ groups.

After Pastor Fetty left Mayflower, we decided to attend Calvary Church where we were active there for about 12 years. About 5 years ago we returned to Mayflower Church. I missed the music ministry and the church family atmosphere. Again, I joined the usher team and enjoy my Monday night Bible study with Pastor Eric. Kim and I have joined several couples’ groups for Christian fellowship. 

I asked to be part of the Search Team to contribute to that effort by offering my faith and long church history as a tool for our mutual benefit. I have been studying Jude and 2 Peter for guidance. My hope is that we can maintain our church family atmosphere but bring the Word of Christ “front and center.”  I’m committed to work as hard as need be to search for the right church leader for the task at hand. 


Linda Edgar

I have been a member since 1976 when Chris and I moved to Grand Rapids and had our first child baptized at Mayflower. Our three children Sarah, Andy, and Rob, participated in all of the church youth activities and choirs while they attended East Grand Rapids Schools.

Over the years I have been active at Mayflower as a member of Mary Allerton Circle, Chairperson of the Mayflower Pre-School Council, Co-Chair of the Women’s Board fundraiser “A Grand Affair in Miniatures”, and serving as a Council Member on the House and Grounds Committee. Currently, I am a member of the Monday evening Women’s Bible Study and the Music and Worship Committee. I coordinate the teams that prepare communion each month for the Congregation. I am grateful for the friendships I have made while attending worship services and serving Mayflower Congregational Church.

I am serving on the Search Committee because I was asked to join the group in April 2021.


Lisa Weaver

My Husband, Tim, and I joined Mayflower 5 years ago when we returned to Grand Rapids to raise our family. We were grateful to find a traditional church home with multigenerational families that brought us back to our faith.

Our four boys, Charlie (9), Jack (6), Matthew (4) and Graham (2) are Midweek regulars and enjoy connecting with friends and participating in choir, dinners, and youth groups.

I am both grateful and honored to be a part of the Pastoral Search Committee and looking forward to finding the right fit for our wonderful congregation.M


Please pray for us on this journey.