We don’t need to look far to see that our teenagers are hurting.

Anxiety and depression in particular are on the rise, dominating the ways kids talk about their generation. Seventy percent of teenagers in one recent study consider anxiety and depression a “major problem” among their generation. What’s more, popular media often elevate anxiety and depression in destructive ways. 

That’s why our youth groups are beginning a new four-part series called Faith in an Anxious World. We want to help your teenager, and the rest of our students, understand that ignoring our anxiety, or trying to handle it on our own, can result in depression or other unhealthy coping habits.

In the coming weeks, the Faith in an Anxious World series will teach your child (and perhaps you!) to cultivate practices that help us walk through this anxious world and recognize God at our side.

Each week they’ll talk about anxiety, delve into stories throughout the Bible where God enters into an anxious situation and uses it to nurture growth, and discover spiritual practices they can use to look to God as they navigate daily life. each of our gatherings will prompt students to have meaningful conversations beyond youth group.

During the development of the Faith in an Anxious World curriculum, the Fuller Youth Institute partnered with mental health practitioners and interviewed several experts, and created a podcast series especially for parents that corresponds to the student curriculum.