14% of mayflower's budget supports outreach ministries!

 From GRPS school uniforms to a water well in Zimbabwe, from a newly surfaced basketball court at St. John's Home to extending the hours at the Baxter Community Center Market -- the Outreach Committee has disbursed $133,680 (14% of our budget) to support 24 local and international ministries.

November "12 weeks to change the world" partners in housing project

Mayflower volunteers just rehabbed our 9th Partners in Housing mobile home! Thank you to the volunteers, as well as the many members who donated items to furnish the home and to fill the pantry. Thanks also to Priscilla Circle for donating cleaning supplies!

Read more about Family Promise/Partners in Housing

July "6 Weeks to Change the World" Partners in Housing Project

Thanks for the dedicated volunteers who gave their time and skills to create a home for a family in need and to those who donated items for the home. This is Mayflower's 8th mobile home which we have rehabbed. Many of our Family Promise/IHN guests move into these homes with their families. See before and after photos here.

Mayflower Provides Solar Pump for Eden Children's Village

The Outreach Committee provided funding to the Eden Medical Clinic in Zimbabwe so that they could build a solar powered water pump. This borehole brings safe uncontaminated drinking water to the 450 patients the clinic sees each week.