We are delighted to welcome children ages birth to one year old to Mayflower on Sunday mornings! Please look for the banner sign that reads NURSERY across from our main church office. Here are a few important details to know:

  • Paid staff members care for your children.
  • Staff members undergo background checks.
  • Staff have been trained in first aid and safety procedures.
  • Information sheets are kept on each child stating allergies and special instructions
  • Parents receive pagers to take into the service to be alerted if needed.
  • Child care for children includes the following:
    Diapering when needed
    Bottles and snacks provided by parents are given to children
    Stories are read from the Bible

Child care is also offered during Midweek @ Mayflower on Wednesdays from 4:30-7:30 p.m. for children 3 and under, and for other church sponsored activities upon request.

Please contact Rachael Cooley with any questions you may have.