Please join us for Mayflower’s Spring 2018 Explorers Series
Finding Faith in the World: The Western Religions


Jonathan White
Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
The Frederik Meijer Honors college, GVSU
Introduction to the Christian World

The lecture will focus on the birth of Christianity, early multiple versions of Christianity, the formation of doctrines in the East and West, Augustine, Boethuis, and Medieval Christianity.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 21 – 10:00 A.M.

Jonathan White
introduction to the Protestant World

This lecture begins with an examination of the status of the church in the Renaissance. It then will focus on reform movements within the Roman Church, Luther, Calvin, the English Reformation, the Wars of Reformation, and the multiple types of religion emerging from Protestantism.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18 – 10:00 A.M.

Coeli Fitzpatrick
Professor of Philosophy
The Frederik Meijer Honors College, GVSU
Introduction to the Islamic World

Dr. Fitzpatrick is a nationally known scholar in Islamic philosophy. Her lecture will focus on the birth of Islam, basic tenants of the religion, the various practices in differing sects, Shariah, Islamic cultures, and the development of Islamic thought.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 – 10:00 A.M.

Sheldon Kopperl
Professor Emeritus
The Frederik Meijer Honors College, GVSU
Member of the Kaufman Interfaith Institute, GVSU
Member of the Interfaith Dialogue Assocition
Introduction to the Jewish World

Dr. Kopperl will focus on the emergence of Judaism, the development of differing practices in the religion, Judaism’s affinity with Christianity and Islam. He will consider Jewish spirituality in the modern world.