MAYFLOWER HAS EMBARKED on an exciting campaign to help launch us boldly into a new decade of mission and ministry! Our goal is to improve security for our children, build a new entrance to create a welcoming first impression for visitors, renovate our music room and address infrastructure issues such as our parking lot.

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Construction is underway!

As part of our 60th Anniversary Campaign, the playground is being relocated to the staff lot for a more secure environment for children in our preschool and Sunday School programs.

Playground before

Playground torn down

New playground moved to staff parking lot

Infrastructure improvements include updating our deteriorating parking lots and stairways.

Upper parking lot before

Upper parking lot being repaved

Newly repaved parking lot

Old stairway between middle and upper parking lots

Stairway being torn down

Stairway torn down

New stairway

A new entrance will now warmly welcome visitors and members to our church facility.

Portico entrance before

Portico entrance being torn down

Portico entrance torn down

MAKE A GIFT to Help us Reach our Goal!

We invite you to prayerfully consider joining a 3-year campaign to help Mayflower raise $1,250,000 at one of the following levels:

Good Samaritan (Luke 10 – $50,000
Faithful Steward (Luke 12) – $25,000
Cheerful Giver (2 Corinthians 9) – $10,000
Treasure in Heaven (Matthew 6) – $6,000
Giving Thanks (Psalm 107) – $3,000